Current Projects

A Prince of Foxes

After noodling around with various NaNoWriMo projects during the pandemic, I'm finally tackling a "real" novel that I hope to publish one day, which I'm tentatively calling A Prince of Foxes. It's intended to be sociological epic fantasy in the vein of Game of Thrones or Dune. The first draft of 79,730 words is done!


I’m experimenting with SwiftUI by building a simple iOS client for Buttondown, my favorite email newsletter service. It’s currently available on TestFlight by invite.


The best way to keep up with me is to punch in your email below to subscribe to rwblog, my (very) erratically released newsletter.

Historical note: I used to call my newsletter Applied Dilettantery and organize it into seasons, as recommended by Robin Sloan. Although I no longer follow that format, here were the seasons for reference:

Other Stuff


Professionally, I am an iOS developer at Asana. I have a bachelor's degree in computer science & mathematics from the University of British Columbia, though generally speaking my interests lean towards the humanities (particularly history, cultural anthropology, political science, and economics).

I live in San Francisco with my fiancée Sherry and our small canine companion Rooibos.


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You can find out more about how I built this site in this post and see the full source on Github.


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