A Negroni ad at Double Happiness in MelbourneLight-up fire escape stairs along Market StA view of Mission Bay during dayA view of Mission Bay at nightMarket Street at duskRooibos enjoying a walkColumbus Cafe's iconic neon signA cross hanging over a Korean church in OaklandA building along 3rd StA view down 18th StA view out an airplane window at duskA dark alley in SomaA TTC mural in TorontoThe sun setting over Waikiki BeachA suburban street covered by snowTwo residential towers in Toronto disappearing into fogThe sign for the Roxie Theater at duskMany doorways open outwards, but few doorways open inwardsA view into a private yard in San FranciscoA view of the roof of the Ferry Building along the Embarcadero in San FranciscoThe houseboats of Mission BayThe sign for the Castro Theater at duskElectrical lighting in Mission BayThe wake of the Sausalito-San Francisco ferryA path back from the end of Heron's Head ParkA tree in Lafayette ParkAn apartment building in Mission Bay during golden hourThe shadows of leaves on a building at UCSF Mission BayRooibos staring into the sunde Young Museum looming over the treesIt can be a dog-eat-dog world out there for a small chihuahua mixLight shining through buildings in North BeachThe ceiling of Emporium mall in MelbourneThe moon rising over a church in North BeachAn alleyway in MelbourneLight striking an alley in SomaA foggy evening in the Richmond DistrictThe entrance to the Phillip Burton Federal BuildingA Magic: The Gathering card stuck in an elevator shaftThe dome of the State Library VictoriaGraffiti on the side of one of the Lanikai Pillboxes on O'ahuRaven graffiti on a truckThe Utah in SomaThe Canyon apartments in Mission BayA statue in Golden Gate ParkA misty pier in Mission Bay