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Two Ships There Were

Two ships there were
Atwixt the seas
Afull of fur
And Grabbull knees.

Their captains went
All whereabouts
With but a tent
And twenty scouts.

They sought their fame.
They sought their cash.
They had no shame.
They lacked a stash.

And so upon
The mighty seas
They went up on
The island’s knees.

They hunt and hunt,
They grab their loot,
To be quite blunt,
It was a hoot.

Then on their way
Back to their ships,
They spot a fey
And lose their grips.

Each tries to catch
A prize worth more,
With one dispatch,
Than all before.

They fight and fight,
They grunt their pains,
But soon comes night
With no more gains.

The fey is gone,
So they leave too,
But dwell still on
What they should do.

The morning next,
They pull around,
With some pretext;
No backing down.

One voice shouts out,
“It’s mine, you fool!
I’ll not be rout!
It’s my prize jewel!”

The other, bent,
Made do to clash,
When down he went
With quite a splash.

Their crews, they’d wise-
ly threw o’board
the two whose lies
they’d not ignored.

And then they all,
Now newly cash’d,
Made do a call
To end up smash’d.